When it comes to longer term investing, expats should not let “the tax tail wag the investment dog”.  In other words, first and foremost you should invest because it’s right for you.  Tax should be secondary.  If you lose money in poor investments – you wont have any tax to worry about!  Common sense?  We think so too....


Of course some consideration should be given to tax efficiency, but in most instances as an expat many taxes both locally and back home can be limited simply because you are and expat; or intend to be. 


In our experience people conduct more due diligence on who is servicing their car than they do on who is managing their investments.  Unlike in the highly regulated UK financial market numerous expats have experienced huge losses, poor advice and have invested in highly inappropriate products recommended by inexperienced, under qualified and commission hungry advisers.


ALL investors seek the same when it comes to quality, cost and support

Our award winning portfolio management service is a cost effective place to hold your unit trust/investment trust portfolio.  When combined with additional specialist offshore products you can indeed:


  • Generate highly tax efficient growth & income
  • Limit risk to capital
  • Guarantee an income stream
  • Avoiding costly offshore bond products.



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As part of a large UK plc fully FSA authorised & regulated, we provide valuable peace of mind to those planning to work or live overseas.  


We have access to private [by invitation only] offshore investments with high levels of both income and capital guarantees.



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