"Just wanted to thank you very much for your help in getting the proceeds from the above policy out and over here to Australia for Little W. Simon as always was brilliant!" 


Mrs N (Australia)


“I am writing to express my sincerest thanks for all of your advices over the last few years, after such a terrible experience with my previous offshore financial adviser.  You really have provided me with considerable peace of mind and it is pleasing that I can at last rest-easy in the knowledge that my investments are well looked after, Thank you”.

Mr J L (Singapore)

“My emigration from the UK to Australia was very stressful, but I wish to express my gratitude to your firm for all your hard work in ensuring my savings and house sale proceeds were invested so efficiently.  I have all the access I need to my capital without having to worry about incurring a whole set of new taxes.  I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in the UK planning to move abroad for work or retirement”.

Mrs D C (Australia)

“After getting such poor advice by my old UK and South African based advisers, resulting in huge losses and a tax inefficient portfolio I am very grateful to you for sorting everything out for me.  I now hold the investments I should have had in the first place!”

Mr R L (Israel)

“You have advised me for 15 years and have become ‘an old friend’.  In that time we have seen a lot of ups & downs in the stock market but whenever I go online to check my investments I am reassured that whatever is going on out there in the fickle world of finance my portfolio continues to remain steady.  This is testament to your work on my behalf and your down-to-earth approach”.

Mr E L (Thailand)

“I write to thank you for your no-nonsense approach to my finances and for the very first time I actually understand my investments and why I have what I have!  For years I have put up with waffle, jargon and underperforming investments which have left me less than impressed.  I am sure it takes considerable knowledge for you to break down my circumstances into such a straightforward approach and the results speak for themselves!  I will not hesitate to recommended your straightforward, uncomplicated and cost-effective services to other expats in my position.  Keep up the good work”.

Mr R H (Thailand) - June 2010

“After the death of my mother I was very worried about investing my inheritance because of all the stories you hear about poor advice.  After being passed your details by a friend of mine I was very pleased with how well you understood my concerns and the reassurance you provided.  I want my money to work hard for me but at the same time I cannot afford to take much risk.  The bank offered such poor interest that I knew I had to do something and I am very pleased with how things are going.  I like the fact that I do not need to worry about tax and that you and your team provide the regular reviews to let me know how things are doing.  I also like that I can go online and check my valuation whenever I wish.  Whenever I have needed to call I have always been dealt with professionally and nothing seems to be too much trouble, thank you”.

Mrs K C (London)

“It still surprises me that you took the trouble to come and see me even though I had much less money to invest than my Uncle, who recommended you.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and if I win the lottery I know who to call!”.

Mr D W (Bristol)

“I am writing on behalf of myself and my three brothers to thank you for all the help you gave mum over the years with her investments.  We were touched by your kindness during her last year and the efforts you made to reassure both her and us that everything was going to be OK. Your assistance in helping us sort out mum’s estate and ensuring everything went smoothly (as best it can in the circumstances) was above and beyond what anyone could have expected.  I can see why mum was always so happy when she new you were coming to visit.  We all thank you very much indeed”.

Mr E A (Pilton, Somerset)

“I must say that after dealing with one of your competitors who always seem to be in the media and sending me irrelevant mailings it is refreshing to feel important again.  It seems that many large companies forget who pays the bills and my adviser seemed to change every year.  I appreciate your personable manner and the promptness by which you handle any query I might have”.

Dr W (Essex)


"I am writing this to express my appreciation of the high quality financial advice you have provided for me over the past six years.


Initially, if you remember, you gave investment advice for the proceeds of the sale of my second house. More recently you gave advice to me on protection from Inheritance Tax.


I have a hearing problem that prevents me from holding a normal telephone conversation. You have provided a service with my investments that means I do not have to undertake any telephone conversations. I very much appreciate this.


Altogether your help and advice has been first class."


Mr T B (Essex)


"Alison and I have a very well established relationship with 121-Advice.  We have always been delighted with the personal level of service which we receive and the sound, well reasoned, and constructive advice that Simon and the team provide to us.


They certainly provide what it says on the tin - 121 advice!


Our personal circumstances are always taken into account and so the advice we are given, and any recommendations made to us to take appropriate action, are always  tailored to meet our particular needs with very soundly explained rationale.  We are also very pleased with the recent move to the PMS offering, in conjunction with Standard Life.  It is a great way of getting a single view of our holdings and is extremely user friendly, from a client perspective.


It is great to be able to contact them about no matter what, and know that a personal e-mail or follow-up phone call will follow almost immediately, but with appropriate, compliant, reports and recommendations to follow, too.


A great balance of the truly personal service, balanced with the need to comply with regulatory constraints."


Mr M G & Dr A F (UK)

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"Altogether your help and advice has been first class."


"A great balance of the truly personal service, balanced with the need to comply with regulatory constraints."


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